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Cool People of the Hub - Hiếu

Meet him one minute and you will love his super high energy. If you are lucky, you might get some Swiss chocolates, a new profile picture and a hug. Connect with him now; he will be super famous soon ;). Hiếu is a Swiss-Vietnamese filmmaker, cartoonist and storyteller.

Who is your favourite filmmaker?

If I answer with my head: it would be filmmakers like Tarantino, Besson, Wong Kar-Wai, McQueen, and, above all, Edgar Wright. If I answer with my heart: it would be Charlie Chaplin. I admire his life, his legacy, his movies, his relationship with people… I admire what he built. He started in a very poor background and eventually became one of the most famous people in the world, you know… it inspires me.

What was your best experience in The Learning Hub so far?

It’s not even the movie: it was to come every day to the space and feel this great & kind atmosphere, that I can’t find anywhere else. I feel so comfortable here that I can be myself… Yeah, that’s it! I feel myself at The Learning Hub, I’m not afraid to sing, to work hard, to chill on the sofa… my best experience? The Learning Hub itself and its people.

Hiếu, will you come back to Vietnam?

Yeah, of course. I still have a lot of projects in my mind: maybe to come back here 6 months to learn Vietnamese and speak fluently, to discover the cinema industry in Vietnam, to make movies. I love the landscapes, I’m a big fan of the movies shot in Southeast Asia in the 80s’ and 90s’ and I would like to do personal projects.

What can anyone do right now to make the world a better place?

Most people think you have to do volunteering, save the planet… but there is one very simple action: to open your mind, to stop thinking that what we have & who we are is the best. The people and the society is continuously evolving: it’s normal to confront each other. To better understand and be sensitive to the world’s issues, you need to listen to people and their stories, to stand strong on your opinion; and then only you can make it better.


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