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Cool People of the Hub - William

Have you ever met a crazy, passionate, energizer and supportive human? This is our beloved French-Vietnamese Will, an Art Therapist using a combination of Art and Meditation, Yoga and Self-Improvement that he learned all around Asia. After 13 years on different stages as pianist, singer and actor, he decided to share his knowledge. Maybe to you? Come to the Hub in a month!

William ready to create the next Greatest Show with you! :)

Dancing, singing, acting,... What do you prefer?

Well, I'm more a musician. I spent 10 years as a classical pianist and went to the Musical world for 3 years after that. I was therefore acting and dancing a lot as well. But my biggest passion is still singing!

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find it on... good question (laughs). Oh, yes, actually, mostly thanks to Broadway and West End musicals from London. And also from pop artists all around the world.

What was your best experience in The Learning Hub so far?

It was the Greatest Show, when I did my first workshop in May. Because I realized that people from The Learning Hub Community love musical. They want to act, dance, sing and they have a really good energy!

Willi, why do you come back to Vietnam?

First of all because I realized that I can really build something bigger. With a program, you can know better the people you work with and therefore go deeper than with one workshop. Moreover I feel a huge potential and desire of expression. A second big reason is more personal but I want to come back to my roots. Two weeks were not enough. I also want to learn Vietnamese!

What can anyone do right now to make the world a better place?

Make connections, share our knowledge and point of views, learn how to listen, find the way to let it go, and channel our ego. Art is an amazing way to do it! It brings people together. It helps people to express themselves. And expression is something really powerful. Art helps a lot of people. It's an amazing way to balance yourself, to do your own therapy.


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