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Updated: May 26, 2020

Koyo was born in Japan, grew up in Vietnam and learned how to drink in The Netherlands. Back in Hanoi, Koyo aims at using the power of visuals to build a better world for next generations. Give her food and you will instantly be her friend! Koyo is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer with experience in kids education and game design.

Koyo proudly showing her boyfriend :))

“Japanese, Vietnamese or Dutch food for the rest of your life?”

You know, my boyfriend can eat Stamppot (Dutch food) everyday but I doubt if i can! Mmmh, Japanese. Because Vietnamese food is more intense and Japanese food more soft: I can eat it a lot and for a long time.

“Can you share with us the project you are the most proud of?”

It would be my project with the United Nations: “Fairy Tales for a Fairer World”. It’s a children book that explains the UN Sustainable Development Goals by using famous fairy tales so children can relate… but with a dramatic twist to make them conscious about the world’s issues. I’m proud of this project because I felt like I was doing what I love, for a purpose, while earning money - almost the perfect thing except for client’s constraint. It would be cool to have more projects like that!

“What was one visual campaign that you really liked?”

The commercial video for Apple’s HomePod: “Welcome Home”, which says “You are allowed to be yourself, to be in your own world”. But most of all, I can relate with Spike Jonze (the one commissioned to produce this video): he was somehow in a similar position as me with the UN. Apple gave him a lot of money to do what he loves: the set, by the way, they built it from scratch; it’s not computer-generated. I feel a lot of love in that video. I watched the behind-the-scenes and I was like: “I want to do that! To collaborate with artists, to have people believe in you and believe that you will do something great, to be true to what you love and to be good at it." I feel free when I watch this video. I want to do something good for the world but it doesn’t have to be something big: to make people feel better is already nice!

“What could anyone do straight away to make the world a better place?”

Listen - and don’t pretend to listen. Pay attention to people around you.


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