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Let's cycle and walk!

Be eco-friendly, be thrifty, be healthy! <3

Hey you, beautiful citizen of Hanoi,

Do you want to be eco-friendly, thrifty and healthy? Of course yes, all of us do! We have a simple but magic advice for you to become all of that at the same time: ride your bicycle or walk instead of using your motorbike!


  • We have more than five million motorbikes on our city’s roads.

  • We consume on average half a liter of fuel per day by motorbike. If you multiply that by 5 million, you’ll quickly understand that the amount of CO2 we reject only with our transport is huge.

  • We reach some “unhealthy” and “very unhealthy” rate of particle pollution too often (check the PM2.5 level in Hanoi here)


  • No need to buy fuel anymore. Riding a bicycle you already have or walking doesn’t cost you anything nhé!

  • No parking fee. And moreover, you can park your bicycle in TLH, so cool!

  • No hospital fee (Hu? You’re right, you can also fall by bicycle but it’s less risky though)


  • You’ll become muscular and handsome (even more that you currently are).

  • You’ll sweat a lot; your body water will be renewed! More seriously, it’s also partly because of all the bikes and cars that it’s crazy hot in the streets. Don’t be part of that problem anymore!

  • Many other health benefits to check here.

Ok ok, I get it but… What if I need to do a long distance and if I don’t want to be totally soaked and dead for the rest of the day? We have two options for you:

  • Take the bus: it’s cheap, you can meet a lot of cool people, you won’t be wet if it’s raining, and we are lucky to have a super well-served bus network!

  • Take someone else on your motorbike (#bikepooling), or 2, 3, 4… who can do more? (NB: We are not responsible for the damage caused by our advice)

And to motivate yourself to cycle, listen to this amazing music! Cycling every day has been tested and approved by half of TLH team. Be the change you want to see in this world!

Love and don’t forget your light and helmet <3,

The Learning Hub team

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